What Napoli Needs to Do in Order to Finally Win the Scudetto.

It has been many years since Napoli have won the Scudetto. The last time they won a Serie A title was in 1990, which was 29 years ago. After last season’s epic title chase with Juventus, Napoli will be desperate to capture the Scudetto. I have identified two things in which Napoli needs to do in order to bring Serie A’s most prestigous trophy back to their city.

Be More Consistent 

Halfway through the Serie A season, Napoli only has lost three matches so far. But, they’re nine points behind Juventus, who is in first place in Serie A. Well, Juventus is undefeated so far in the season, Napoli needs to demonstrate more consistency. Every match they must maintain their focus. A signing during January to boost that midfield would definitely help, though.

                          Hope That Their Midfielders and Defense Contribute More Goals 

Mertens, Insigne, and Milik have all done their fair share of goal scoring for Napoli so far this season. However, what they have lacked is other players that can contribute a bunch of goals to assist their forwards. I acknowledge that generally speaking, defenders and midfielders should not have to worry about scoring goals. However, when you rely on very few players to score goals for your club, it takes a toll after a while.

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