Advantages and Disadvantages of Inter Buying Lukaku

For a few years, Antonio Conte has really wanted to sign Lukaku. At Chelsea, they missed out on him when Conte was there. Luckily, Conte got his man during this summer. It’ll definitely be something to see. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of signing Lukaku.



                   Lukaku’s First Touch 

     For those who have watched Lukaku ever since he made his debut, it’s obvious that his first touch of the ball after receiving a pass is average at the professional level, if that. Antonio Conte will have to find a system where his players feed the ball to Lukaku in a way where he doesn’t have his first touch weakness exposed. In other words, long balls on the counter are not advised, considering this weakness.

                  Lukaku’s Ability to Track Back 

      When watching the beautiful game, many people neglect the fact that strikers have to track back and defend once they don’t have possession of the ball. A big weakness of Lukaku is his ability to do this very thing. Antonio Conte’s system requires and pushes players upfront to track back. Antonio Conte will have to motivate Romelu Lukaku to do this more. If Lukaku does that, he’ll definitely be a threat to any opposition.



     Lukaku’s Pace 

       One thing that people tend to forget about Lukaku is just how fast he really is. For a striker of his size and stature,it’s really impressive that he can run as fast as he can. He’s able to run in behind defenders and reek havoc on any back-line once he actually receives a good pass from his teammates. That’ll definitely be a huge asset for him heading into the Serie A season.

        Lukaku’s Physicality 

     Lukaku may not score the prettiest goals, but his strength and size allows him to out muscle most defenders, especially in the 18-yard box. His physicality allows him to the dirtier areas, which helps him score goals. When  he is attempting a header inside the box, it looks as though he was born to head the ball in the back of the net, as he out muscles defenders for those types of goals.



All in all, I think that Lukaku will do well in the nerazzuri colours, as he has the assets to do well for them. For Antonio Conte and Lukaku’s teammates, it’ll be a matter of getting the best out of him.

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