Three Reasons Why Zlatan Ibrahimovic Will Help AC Milan

For the past couple of years, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been rumoured to be rejoining AC Milan. However, that hasn’t happened until now! On January 3rd, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was once again presented to Rossoneri fans. Since this signing, a lot of people have given their opinions on him. So, here are the three reasons why I think he’ll be a good signing for AC Milan!

1. He’ll Bring Leadership and a Winning Mentality to this Group

For some people, Zlatan Ibrahimovic can seem arrogant. Despite that, you can’t deny that he’s a natural winner. He’s won league titles in four different countries. He’s also had six seasons throughout his career where he’s scored 25 goals or over. So, it’s no secret that he has a proven track record of success. I don’t think that he’ll lead AC Milan to a Champions League place for next season. But, I do believe that he’ll elevate the level of the squad and be a great leader for them. Once other players on the squad see his work ethic and his motivation to be the best, it’ll rub off on the squad very quickly. His presence should significantly improve their place in the Serie A standings.

2. The Club Will Make Revenue Off Him

It’s easy to see why Ibrahimovic is a good signing on and off the pitch. Off the pitch, he should definitely help AC Milan make tons of revenue. There are so many ways for them to make more revenue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Merchandise with his name on it should sell out like crazy ticket sales should also definitely increase significantly. Also, he should be able to increase AC Milan’s following on all of its Social Media platforms. That increase in the following will also lead to more companies wanting to advertise themselves on AC Milan’s Social Media platforms. Therefore, it will pull in more revenue for AC Milan right now.

3. He’ll Help Improve the Rossoneris Results

Coming into this season, AC Milan were expected by many to compete for a spot in next season’s Champions League. However, this season has become a complete mess for this iconic club. But, Zlatan Ibrahimovic can change that. There’s a very small chance that AC Milan will compete in a European competition next season, based on the current table. However, Zlatan Ibrahimovic can definitely somewhat save this season for AC Milan. I don’t think he can fully save it. But, if they play in the Europa League next season, it’ll turn out to be a decent season for them. It’ll be interesting to see if he can somehow elevate their game.



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