Previewing Both Clubs Ahead of the Turin Derby



The Turin Derby is one of the most underrated derbies in Italy, in my view. However, this weekend it should be fun to watch. It will take place at the Allianz Stadium this upcoming Saturday at noon ET. Here is my preview of both clubs as well as the most interesting matchup coming into this game.


Coming into the Turin derby, Juve has looked shaky early on during the season. On paper, their squad has improved. However, I believe that because their manager, Andrea Pirlo, is inexperienced and due to Juve’s midfield being overhauled over the Summer, it’s been tough for Pirlo the find the right formation and balance for the squad. However, this match may present the opportunity to rebound. Juve’s backline will have their hands full trying to contain Andrea Belotti. If I were Pirlo, I’d deploy a 3-5-2, as Torino’s strength is mainly down the centre of the attacking half. An extra defender in the middle would provide extra security for aerial duels as well, as Belotti is great in the air.


Again, it’s still early in the season. However, Torino under Giampaolo has looked atrocious, to say the least. Defensively, they look mediocre as well as in the midfield. Their saving grace so far has been their attack, especially Andrea Belotti. Andrea Belotti has performed superbly for il toro and could be the main reason Torino won’t get relegated this season. So far, he’s scored 7 goals in the league which is tied for third-highest in Serie A. Torino will be happy to know that Juve’s defence, particularly at centre-back has been vulnerable this season. Torino should look to exploit Juve down the middle in the attacking half. If I were Giampaolo, I would go with a 4-3-3 against Juve. They’ll need a lot of width to swing crosses into the box to the likes of Zaza and Belotti as Juve is particularly vulnerable with aerial balls. Torino will be hoping to get a result in this derby to boost the squad’s momentum, as they need it.

Most Interesting Matchup

Usually, in a derby, there are several key matchups during a match that catch the viewer’s eyes. However, in the Derby Della Mole, I want to point to one particular match that I think will be the most interesting to watch and that’s Belotti against Juve’s central defenders. Like I pointed out earlier, Andrea Belotti is a handful to deal with. He’s not the most technically sound player and doesn’t possess top-class dribbling abilities. But, he’s very physically strong and is difficult to deal with inside the 18-yard box. Also, he possesses a powerful shot and is quick, so Juventus’ centre backs will have to focus on trying to limit him from getting open looks to shoot. I’m sure Belotti will be extra motivated to score during the derby, so this will be an interesting match, at least for me.

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Three Possible Ways Juve Should Lineup On Sunday


Lately, Juve’s form has been under par, to say the least. Juve’s loss against Barcelona should motivate Pirlo and the coaching staff to make some changes to the starting 11. So, here are three possible ways I think the bianconeri should lineup on Sunday. Cristiano Ronaldo also got cleared to play this Sunday, so that should help them. Anyways, here we go!

Option 1: 4-2-3-1 Formation

The first possible option for Juve to deploy this weekend should be a 4-2-3-1, in my view. Let’s start with the backline! At the centre-back, position, there are not many options for Juve at the moment, as De Ligt and Chiellini are both injured. As for the full-backs, I don’t think there are many options right now, either. Where this lineup would be interesting is in the central midfield and the attack.

In the Central Midfield, I think starting McKennie and Arthur would provide the most balance. McKennie is a player who loves winning the ball back in the midfield. While Arthur can be the player that starts attacks with his superb playmaking abilities. Also, I think that starting Dybala as the Central Attacking Midfielder role would be key in linking the midfield to the attack. On the left-wing, Ronaldo is a shoe-in. As for Kulusevski on the right, I think that’s pretty obvious considering his performances so far this season. As for Morata, I’m not a big fan of starting him, I’d rather he came off the bench as super-sub. But, in this formation, there’s no other option that would be effective.

Option 2: 4-3-3 Formation

So, if Juve we’re to deploy the 4-3-3 on Sunday, the backline should remain unchanged. Right now, this is the best backline Juve could field in a 4-man backline, in my opinion.

The Central midfield would look different in this formation. Bentancur would be that extra central midfielder. He’s a very effective box-to-box midfielder, who can also be the last midfielder back due to his pace and defensive abilities. This midfield would be balanced. Bentancur would be the box-to-box midfielder, McKennie would the more defensive-oriented midfielder, while Arthur would be the playmaker. As for the striker, Juve should deploy Dybala as a false-nine in this formation. Starting Kulusevski on the right would help because if Dybala decides to drop back, he can cover Dybala’s position. Dybala would have a lot more free space to roam in this formation.

Option 3: 3-4-3 Formation

In this 3-4-3 formation, Danilo would be the extra centre-back. Unfortunately, because Juve don’t have other options right now, Danilo would have to be deployed here in my view. Of course, this lineup and formation would look better with De Ligt or Chiellini available. But, that’s not possible at this moment.

In my view, the most interesting part of using this formation for Juve would be the amount of coverage there would be on either wing, defensively. In this formation, Juve would be strong on the flanks. However, the flaw of this lineup would be down the middle. I’m not sure I trust a three-player backline without De Ligt or Chiellini there. But, I think this would be interesting to see, nonetheless.

So, which lineup should Juve deploy on Sunday? Let me know your thoughts on this article in the comment section below!

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Top 5 Players That Have Played For Both Milan Clubs



This weekend, there will be a huge derby. That derby is between Milan giants, AC Milan and Inter. Historically, they’re definitely some of the greatest football clubs in the world. Many legendary players have also decided to play for both clubs. As a result, I’ve decided to write an article on the top 5 players that have played for both Inter and AC Milan. Enjoy!

5. Christian Vieri

Christian Vieri was probably one of the strongest and most physical strikers of all-time. His power combined with his finishing ability and eye for goal was an enjoyment to watch. He also played for both Inter and AC Milan. He spent 6 years at Inter from 1999-2005 and won a Coppa Italia trophy. He only spent a season at AC Milan. However, it was in 2005-2006, which was when his playing career was almost over. Nonetheless, he’s a legend and played for both of these legendary teams.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Despite, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s often arrogant remarks to the press, you can’t deny he’s a legendary player. Even, at the age of 38, he plays for AC Milan and looks sharp on the pitch. He may not have the athletic ability that he used to, but he still dazzles on the field. Also, he’s played for both of these legendary clubs. His trophy haul for both clubs has been immense as well. During Ibrahimovic’s three seasons at Inter, he won three Serie A titles and two Italian Supercup trophies. Also, in two full seasons at AC Milan, he’s won two trophies. Like I mentioned earlier, he still plays for AC Milan as well.

3. Andrea Pirlo

When Andrea Pirlo played it was like he was an actual magician. His playmaking, as well as his passing abilities, were world-class. It took a while for his retirement to sink-in for me when it became official in 2017. He won so many trophies over the course of his career as well. He only played two seasons for Inter and didn’t win any trophies. However, he spent a good portion of his career at AC Milan, 10 seasons to be exact. During that time, he established himself as a world-class player. During his time at AC Milan, he won a total of ten trophies, which included two Serie A and Champions League titles.

2. Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio is considered by many to be among the greatest Italian football players of all-time. He nearly perfected so many faucets of the beautiful game. He was a world-class dribbler as well as being a great goalscorer. While a good portion of his career was spent at Juve, he also spent a couple of seasons at Inter and AC Milan. He only won one trophy combined for both Milan clubs. Despite that, he is definitely an all-time great in Italian football.

1. Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima

Ronaldo Nazario De Lima is considered one of the top football players of all-time. He was probably the most well-rounded striker of all-time, at least in my view. He could do it all. Despite him not winning a Champions League trophy, he was still a very likeable and world-class player. It’s common knowledge for many football fans that he played for both Inter and AC Milan. He spent five seasons at Inter and only two seasons at AC Milan. Some would even say that he established himself as an all-time great, whilst at Inter. There’s no doubt he made a huge mark for both clubs as well as football in general. That’s why I’ve decided to put him at number one.